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18u Sundodgers Wright will be coached by Shawna Wright, Carli Rasmussen & Jameel Cante.  

Tourneys: 10-12 tourneys
Practice: 2x/week practice. (1-week day, 1 weekend)
*Additional OUTDOOR practices when the weather permits. HS players will only have practice Sunday during HS Season.
Open Facility: M-Th 2:45-4:45 in any SU facility (Holiday Schedules can change)
Instruction: Professional instruction from Softball U 1x/wk SEP-FEB
Roster Size: 18-20 Players
Travel: Team will travel between 4-8 times. Travel is paid for by families and not included in team fee.
Lessons: Hitting lessons with Coach Shawna are expected for all 18u Wright hitters.  Lessons will be $40/hour in groups of 3. We will deep dive into our swing and everyone will learn to hit the Sundodger way. At least once a month lessons will be streamed LIVE for college coaches to watch and for players to get clips for recruiting film. This is going to be a great way for coaches to see what you are learning, and watch your swing develop over time.


18u WRIGHT: $3,825 
Aug: $600 Down payment securing your spot
8 Monthly Payments: $403.13

*Does not include uniforms, or personal travel 


We are going to have the same New Balance uniforms as last season! Returners do not need to buy new jerseys. 18u Wright players will need to NAVY, WHITE & GOLD uniform items. All uniforms and fan gear will be purchased online through BSN. We will set up times for players to come try on the sizing kit. Uniform costs are separate from team fees. 


Recruiting tourneys are “stay to play” tourneys. Meaning we have to stay in certain hotels they choose, or the team can pay a fine to stay somewhere else. This means all players must stay in team hotel. While on the road, it is a business trip. We like to model it after a college road series. We hold team meetings, practices, or team bonding to fill any free time if game schedules permit. 

ORPHANS = Any players traveling WITHOUT a parent. They share a room and will be chaperoned by the coaches to and from all games, practices, hotels, restaurants, airports, etc. They will share cost of room with all other orphans. This is one-way families help keep travel cost down. Coaches will send out their flight schedule ASAP so orphans can get onto the coach flight and be with an adult the full trip. 

COMPENSATE AND ADJUST: Sundodgers families have to have the ability to compensate and adjust. Later tourneys are determined by qualifying status. Whether we qualify or not will determine future tourney schedule. Saturday practices are determined by weather. STAY ON YOUR TOES! 


Coaches will clearly lay out the steps of the process and help girls confidently take on each step. Players will have someone who has walked the path and has been through the recruiting process to help them along the journey. Sundodgers have former college athletes leading them, all who have personal connections to schools across the country. Coaches trust our opinion on players because they have seen us play and know we understand the game and what it takes to play at the next level. We will do everything in our power to help our players reach their goals! *See for our list of alumni! 


COACH EMAIL: PHONE: 661-816-6626 WEB:

Practice Facility: Puyallup Facility: 239 W Stewart, Puyallup, WA 98371
Outdoor Fields: Puyallup & Tacoma Area
Vision Night (Organizational Parent/Player Meeting): September 11th
Indoor Training Begins: September 14th 
Organizational Christmas Party: Dec 18th ***Mandatory Fundraiser involved 
No Training: Thanksgiving: Nov 22-26, Christmas: Dec 23-Jan 2

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