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The mission of the Sundodgers Softball program is to mentally and physically prepare girls for the next level. We provide a competitive environment that sharpens the 5 tools of a ball player, while fostering personal growth so young adults can be successful in life. The Sundodgers organization has A, B, and C level teams. We welcome in top athletes, players who are just starting their softball journey, and everyone in between. As players grow they can move up through the system, so they are always playing at a level they can be challenged and excel. Our teams receive training from Softball University, where all of their instructors have played college ball and will provide that knowledge, skill-set, and information to our players. 

Sundodgers players will receive high level instruction. We know we can develop any athlete that comes through the door. Because of this, we are not only looking for the best softball players. We are first looking for the right family, then the right attitude in the player, and finally we look for the right skill set. 

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